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New Postal Stamp Series titled “El Tajin” Issued

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INAH, Mexico, April 15, 2009. A collectible series of 5 stamps and a commemorative label with the image of El Tajin Archaeological Zone began circulating in Mexico, with a 500,000 print run, issued with the aim of divulgating this part of cultural heritage. Under the title “El Tajin, Mexico,” the initiative is result of the jointed work between Mexico Mail, the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), and the Zacatecas Philatelist Society, oriented to the divulgation of archaeological zones by the special emission of stamps. Until the moment, there are 3 series of this program: Chichen Itza (issued in 2007), Oaxaca (2008) and El Tajin (2009).

El Tajin Archaeological Zone was elected because of its esthetic and cultural values, recognized in 1992 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization by inscribing it in the World heritage list. This site was an important ceremonial and political center located in Northern Veracruz and dates from the Early Classic period (250-800 AD). The approximately one square kilometer site is conformed of several pyramidal buildings, palaces and ballgame courts. The emblematic construction is named Niches Pyramid, which image is represented in the stamps. The other 4 stamps illustrate panoramic views and other motives.

The emission of the series took place at Zacatecas INAH Center; the state was elected for the second occasion as seat of the first distribution day of a postal service collectible series. In 2006 the 300 years of Our Lady of Guadalupe of Zacatecas Propaganda Fide College were celebrated with a commemorative stamp. Rodolfo Espindola Betancourt designed stamps allusive to El Tajin Archaeological Zone based on photographs provided by INAH. The collectible series consists on 5 postal stamps and a label. The print run for all the Mexican Republic was of 500,000 copies and the sheet is 16 by 9.5 centimeters, while the label measures 48 by 40 millimeters; it costs 49.50 MXP, and they can be bought separately.

Zacatecas INAH Center looks forward to the next emission to be allusive to this federative entity, which counts on 3 archaeological sites: La Quemada, Alta Vista and Las Ventanas.

Source: INAH.

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