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Tico toco toco ti quiti quiti quiti quito; can ic mocneptiuh.

Tico, toco, toco, tiquiti, quiti, quiti, quito; where it is to turn

back again.

1. Tlapapal xochiceutli niyolaya nepapan tonacan xochitl moyahuaya

oncueponti moquetzaco ya naya aya ye teo ya ixpan tonaa Santa Maria


1. Resting amid parti-colored flowers I rejoiced; the many shining

flowers came forth, blossomed, burst forth in honor of our mother

Holy Mary.

2. An ya ya cuicaya zan quetzala xihuitl tomolihui yan aya ye

nitlachihual icelteotl y ye Dios aya ni itlayocolaoya yecoc ya.

2. They sang as the beauteous season grew, that I am but a creature

of the one only God, a work of his hands that he has made.

3. Zan ca tlaauilolpan nemia moyollo amoxpetlatl ipan toncuicaya

tiquimonyaitotia teteuctin aya in obispo ya zan ca totatzin aya oncan

titlatoa atlitempan ay yo.

3. Mayst thy soul walk in the light, mayst thou sing in the great

book, mayst thou join the dance of the rulers as our father the

bishop speaks in the great temple.

4. Yehuan Dios mitzyocox aya xochitla ya mitztlacatilo yancuicatl

mitzicuiloa Santa Maria in obispo ya.

4. God created thee, he caused thee to be born in a flowery place,

and this new song to Holy Mary the bishop wrote for thee.


In this song we have avowedly a specimen of an early chant prepared

probably by Bishop Zummarraga for the native converts. The

accompaniment on the teponaztli is marked at the beginning. The

language is noticeably different from the hymn to Quetzalcoatl just

given (XVIII).

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