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Spain was joyful. The main road leading from Palos to the court at Barcelona was full of people who had come from various places to see the Admiral of the Ocean Sea march past.

And when his caravan appeared, loud shouts were heard and confetti fell like snow. Mothers held up their babies to see the greatest navigator in all the world. Spaniards love a parade, and this was certainly one of the most important parades that had ever been held in Spain.

Columbus led the parade, dressed in the finest cape and coat. He rode proudly on a graceful white horse. In his pocket was an invitation to come to court, sent by their majesties to “Don Cristobal Colon, their Admiral of the Ocean Sea, Viceroy and Governor of the Islands that he has discovered in the Indies”.

Beside the Admiral, just as proud, rode his son Diego. Behind him came the officers and sailors, all dressed in their best clothes, carrying baskets of rare plants from the lands across the seas.

But what caused the biggest sensation of all was the sight of the six Indians who had survived the trip. They walked proudly in their magnificent feathers and golden bracelets, carrying parrots on their arms.

The biggest crowds were in Barcelona. There the noise was terrible.

The king and queen and all the nobles and caballeros of the court were waiting for him in the great hall. The Admiral walked towards the king and queen, and fell on his knees before them.

Then an unheard-of-thing happened. The king and queen rose from their thrones, walked to the Admiral and helped him to his feet. They led him to a chair of honour beside the prince Don Juan. Such a thing had never happened before.

A silence fell over the great hall, and the hundreds of Spain’s most important persons listened in wonder as Columbus told his story. He showed the Indians and displayed his trophies. The mask given him by Guacanagari impressed all greatly.

When he had finished, the whole court went to the royal chapel to sing their thanksgiving.

Christopher Columbus was happy and proud. He had become an Admiral, he had made a great geographical discovery. The Columbus family was part of Spanish aristocracy now. Each member of it was now a Don for all times.

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