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Conquest of Yucatan. General information on the history of the Maya

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1511 – 20 people with Valdivia boarded a boat without a sail, escaping from sinking caravels and without supplies. They drifted 13 days in the sea. Reaching the coast of Yucatan, they fell into the hands of evil cacique, who sacrificed Valdivia and four men, and then hosted a feast of their bodies. Others were […]

Conquest of the Aztecs

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Cortes First March to Tenochtitlan Upon arrival, Cortes founded a town and called it Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz. At about the same time he had all ten of his ships scuttled and sank so that his followers could not escape Emperor Montezuma’s ambassaders eventually appeared in the Spanish camp. They brought with them […]

European Influence and conquest of the Maya

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The earliest known contact by Europeans probably occurred during the last voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1502. However, the existence of the Maya did not become fully known to the outside world until 1517, when three ships commanded by Francisco Hernandez de Cordova landed at Cape Catoche. They arrived back in Cuba almost dead from […]

Some facts about Motecuhzoma, Cortes and Malinche (Donna Marina)

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The leader of the Aztecs was the Emperor Montezuma. Montezuma was a man approximately forty years of age He had a long but cheerful face, and wore his hair just long enough to cover his ears Montezuma was of above average height and well proportioned, not fat His black beard was scanty and well-shaped He […]

Hernan Cortes and the Conquest of the Aztec empire (Mexico) by Spaniards

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Cortes was born in the city of Medillin, on the banks of the Guadiana River, in the province of Estramadura, in the country of Spain. This was in 1485, in the last years of the Middle Ages. Estramadura was a poor and un­forgiving place that was void of opportunities. Its summers brought blinding heat and […]

Pedro de Alvarado and the Conquest of Utatlan

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Like many of the conquistadors, Pedro de Alvarado came from one of the poorest regions of Spain called Extremadura. Little is known about him prior to his departure at age 25. Pedro’s peers con­sidered him fearless, ambitious, as well as cruel. His braveiy and his brutality are well documented. Alvarado was fair-haired and very handsome. […]