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Ancient Toltec Civilization

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The Aztecs were strongly influenced by a culture that inhab­ited the Valley of Mexico long before they rose to power in the fourteenth century. These advanced people were called the Toltec, and they reached a very high cultural level. The Toltec were masters of architecture, art, medicine, engineer­ing, and calendrics. They were deeply religious, and […]

Prehispanic potter burial discovered near Tula

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INAH, june, 2009. A Prehispanic burial with 2 skeletons, 7 vases, casts and polishers was found 700 meters away from Tula Archaeological Zone, in Hidalgo, while municipal public work was carried out. The discovery dated between 900 and 1100 AD, could reinforce the hypothesis of potters’ neighborhoods around the Tolteca ceremonial center. Luis Gamboa Cabezas, […]