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New Hieroglyphic Stairway Found at El Palmar in Campeche Mexico

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It is not often that a young archaeologist stumbles upon a spectacular find. Kenichiro Tsukamoto, a young Japanese archaeologist and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Arizona, has found a “mountain” of texts in a recently discovered hieroglyphic stairway at the site of El Palmar in Campeche, Mexico. Funded in part by the National Geographic […]

New drought data may shed light on the fate of the ancient civilizations of Mexico

Category: News reports

American Geophysical Union, February 3, 2011. New detailed data on the variability in precipitation in ancient Mexico, covering the 1238-year period, will help scientists understand the role played by the drought in the formation and incidence of pre-Columbian civilizations. Studies indicate that the drought could play a key role in the fate of the main […]

Archaeologists found a tunnel in Teotihuacan located below the Temple of the Feathered Serpent

Category: News reports

After 8 months, archaeologists of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) have located, 12 meters below, the entrance to the tunnel that leads to galleries under the Feathered Serpent Temple, in Teotihuacan, where rests of rulers of the ancient city might have been deposited. In a tour made by to site today with […]

Stele with Conquest Scene found at Lagartero, Chiapas

Category: News reports

January 15, 2010. INAH. At Lagartero, Chiapas, archaeologists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) discovered a nearly 1000 years-old stele with a bas-relief of the conquest of a Maya group by other. The finding took place in late 2009 at the 10th body of Pyramid 4 in the archaeological zone to be open […]

Chichen Itza Recovers its Wall

Category: News reports

The wall that surrounded the Prehispanic city of Chichen Itza, built near 900 AD to serve as defensive barrier, is object of investigation and restoring tasks with the aim of recovering its prior appearance and determine its relation with the Great Game Court. Conservation work at the wall that surrounds the 6-hectares area where most […]

Aztec and Maya Were Rubber-Making Masters?

Category: News reports

Rachel Kaufman, National Geographic News, June 28, 2010. Ancient civilizations in much of Mexico and Central America were making different grades of rubber 3,000 years before Charles Goodyear “stabilized” the stuff in the mid-19th century, new research suggests. The Aztec, Olmec, and Maya of Mesoamerica are known to have made rubber using natural latex—a milky, […]

Burial Discovered at Bonampak Building

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January, 08, 2010. INAH. The search of adequate conservation of Bonampak mural paintings, located in Chiapas, turned out into the discovery of a crypt under the second room of Templo de las Pinturas (Temple of the Paintings) with rests of a man accompanied with jadeite ornaments and ceramic objects that could be more than 1,300 years […]

Bonampak Lineage might have Come from Plan de Ayutla, Chiapas

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Recent explorations conducted by experts from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) point out that Plan de Ayutla Archaeological Site, in Chiapas, could have been the political center where the lineage that founded Bonampak originated,more than 1,400 years ago. This hypothesis is based on interpretation of inscriptions at different monuments. 

Mysterious ruins may help explain mayan collapse

Category: News reports

Dan Vergano, september 22, 2009, USA TODAY. Ringing two abandoned pyramids are nine palaces “frozen in time” that may help unravel the mystery of the ancient Maya, reports an archaeological team. Hidden in the hilly jungle, the ancient site of Kiuic (KIE-yuk) was one of dozens of ancient Maya centers abandoned in the Puuc region […]

Cacaxtla – 34 years of researches

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september 16, 2009, INAH, Tlaxcala. In September 1975, a group of San Miguel del Milagro, Tlaxcala dwellers discovered at Cascasmeme a human face painted in black, with clear Maya influence, which led to archaeological exploration at Cacaxtla, a unique city in the High Plateau. Exploration of this zone has allowed enlarging knowledge of the complex […]

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