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General information on the history of the Maya. Postclassic period

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In the Postclassic period Mayan high culture is preserved only in the north of Yucatan, but in the synthesis of a completely different civilization – Toltec. Petén city and the mountains of Guatemala have come to desolation, and many were abandoned by residents, while others turned to the tiny hamlet. North of the Yucatan and […]

Chichen Itza (maya)

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Chichen Itza Recovers its Wall

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The wall that surrounded the Prehispanic city of Chichen Itza, built near 900 AD to serve as defensive barrier, is object of investigation and restoring tasks with the aim of recovering its prior appearance and determine its relation with the Great Game Court. Conservation work at the wall that surrounds the 6-hectares area where most […]