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Pedro de Alvarado and the Conquest of Utatlan

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Like many of the conquistadors, Pedro de Alvarado came from one of the poorest regions of Spain called Extremadura. Little is known about him prior to his departure at age 25. Pedro’s peers con­sidered him fearless, ambitious, as well as cruel. His braveiy and his brutality are well documented. Alvarado was fair-haired and very handsome. […]

Guatemala mayan city El Mirador may have ended in pyramid battle

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EL MIRADOR, Guatemala, September 3 (Reuters), by Sarah Grainger, editing by Catherine Bremer and Kieran Murray. One of Guatemala’s greatest ancient Mayan cities may have died out in a bloody battle atop a huge pyramid between a royal family and invaders from hundreds of miles away, archeologists say. Researchers are carrying out DNA tests on […]