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Uxmal (maya)

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Maya worshiped mexican deity Tlaloc

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INAH, may, 2009. A long and intense drought and famine registered more than a millennium ago in Uxmal region, Yucatan, favored the veneration of Chaac, the rain deity, as well as Tlaloc, the Aztec equivalent. Several sculptural representations of the Mexica god were found at the Maya city. Jose Huchim Herrera, Uxmal Archaeological Zone and […]

Prehispanic monuments at Uxmal free of humidity

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INAH, Uxmal, Yucatan, March 30, 2009. Removal of the old lighting system installed more than 30 years ago at Uxmal Archaeological Zone in Yucatan, has allowed resolving humidity issues that several Prehispanic monuments presented, representing collapse danger. Actions taken guarantee better preservation state of the buildings.