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Conquest of Yucatan. General information on the history of the Maya

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1511 – 20 people with Valdivia boarded a boat without a sail, escaping from sinking caravels and without supplies. They drifted 13 days in the sea. Reaching the coast of Yucatan, they fell into the hands of evil cacique, who sacrificed Valdivia and four men, and then hosted a feast of their bodies. Others were […]

Archaeologists begin recovery of great mayan city in the Yucatan

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Mexico, April 05, 2009. Mexican archaeologists began this month the recovery of a great Mayan city buried under tons of earth and jungle in the archaeological area of Ichkabal on the Yucatan peninsula, the National Anthropology and History Institute, or INAH, said. Previous archaeological digs in Ichkabal indicated the existence at this site of a […]

Relacion de algunas costumbres de los indios de las prouincias de Yucatan. Gaspar Antonio Chi

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GASPAR ANTONIO CHI. RELACIÓN DE ALGUNAS COSTUMBRES DE LOS INDIOS DE LAS PROUINCIAS DE YUCATÁN 1:1 Relación de algunas costumb[res de los indios de las prouincias] de Yucatan saca[das … ] las dichas prouincias, referido […] 1:2 Esta prouincia de Yucatan que [los naturales de ella llaman Maya fue] gouernada en los tiempos an[tiguos por […]